Thursday, 29 September, 2011

A printed story...

Hello everyone,this would be our last post for this month and after this we will be going on a blogging break,because R has her Thesis to complete (which is due in november) and L is not keeping too well and will need some recovery time. We will not be this regular from now for some time(sorry)
Now coming to this post,well this was not the best day for pictures because for some reason almost all of them came out to be blurred.The ones that you see here are some of the better ones of the lot.
Anywho theres no story as such but just that we both happened to be in different prints on that day.
As apposed to our normal morning shoots this one happened in the evening (as you would see we look tired and not too happpy after a long day at work).
Now onto the outfits..

R went for a flower print high waist skirt with a top.

Skirt- From Hampi,Top-H&M,Belt and Shoes-Local store.

L went for an animal print shirt with jeggings.

        Jeggings - Allensolly, Shirt-Really old ,Shoes -Paprika

We are really sad about not being able to do regular posts hence forth,but we will try our best to do atleast a weekly post .
L is really not keeping well , and her birthday is approaching in the coming week as well(5th Oct),just hope for her speedy recovery before her bday.

Until then


Monday, 26 September, 2011

Happy polka day !

Hello lovlies,so today we celebrated Polka Day !!! Today also happens to be one month since we started this blog and it feels really good to have made it so far(even though its just 30 days means a lot ),We will do a post in that regard soon until then here about this post.
It so happened that both of us came to wear polka dots today(like i had said earlier this happens more often than you can think).Polka dots are very much in vogue again and we thought we should reinvent this fashion trend.Both of us have styled our clothes very differently as you will see in the pictures below.
Now getting on with our day,we were really excited today cause we were going to watch Mausam in the evening!!!!
Shahid is one our favourite actors and Sonam is someone who's fashion sense both of us admire and love!!
And in our opinion Shahid and Sonam Kapoor make a very hot couple and should totally get married.Please let us know if you'll feel the same!
The movies first half was really good and entertaining whereas the second half was a bit of a drag.
But if you are a Shahid Kapoor fan like us then you will tend to forget about that and enjoy it nevertheless.
They have both acted really well and its really nice how the love story lives through all the hardships they face.All in all we give it 3 star rating and would recommend you'll to go ahead and watch it and tell us how you'll liked it!

Now onto the outfits,

L wanted to show off her bright new pumps so decided to go for a subtle look with a polka dotted shirt and jeggings.

Shirt-Max, Jeggings-AllenSolly, Pumps -Carlton London,Belt-Lokhandwala,Purse  pendant-Lokhandwala,Butterfly pendant-Accesorize,Glares-Gifted by R.(H&M)

R decided to go for a school girl look with a  box pleated skirt and a polka dotted top

Skirt- Zara,Top-Vero Moda,Wedges-Random exhibition, Bangles-Westside and colaba,Belt-Lokhandwala,Elephant pendant-Imagine,Watch-Esprit,Ring-Spain,Glares-Dad's Vintage Carrera.

Watch this space for our one month birthday post!!!!
until then 


Saturday, 24 September, 2011


Hello readers, we are back to our favourite new location as seen here with our second post in this place.We love this place because it has a very interesting wall around with a lot of greenery as you'll can see.And as you people must have noticed by now, we love getting clicked against walls be it coloured,moss ridden,stone and so on.Its probably something to do with us being architects:).
So now onto the post, it so happened that both of us turned out in grey pants(and just to let you'll know this happens more often than you'll can think) but two completely different looks.

                                            R chose to go for a loose shirt and jeggings.

Shirt-BK, Jeggings-Vero Moda,Bag- H&M,Pendant- AJ Store,Bangles-Assorted,Watch-Swatch,Glares-Bangalore.

L decided to go for a comfy summery look with high waist cotton pants and a shirt.

Shirt-BHS Classic,Pants- BK,Bag-Vintage from Rome,Shoes-Paprika,Pendant-Bandra,Watch-Titan Steel,Belt Lokhandwala,Glares-Gift From R(H&M)

Since this was a fabulous day for pictures we thought we'll share some extra pictures with you'll(refering to the collages).
Hope you'll like the post.
Do share with us what you'll love doing the most in the sun.
Untill then 

Thursday, 22 September, 2011


Hey lovelies.... Today we were in the mood of getting a little traditional: being bright colors, handicraft, jootis, kolhapuris etc..
So here we are all bright and chirpy!
It might look like we coordinated this but it actually was coincidental.And we were really happy with how it turned out to be.
Summers are perfect for Indian and this turned turned out to be a rather sunny day much to our delight!We totally love the sun and always try and make the most of it(as you must have already seen that through our earlier posts).

R was in the mood for bright colors and wanted to show off her new chappals. So here she is in this beautiful combination.

 Bag- Ahmedabad, Kurta-Biba, Chudidar- Biba   , Chappals-     Milan Mall ,Bangles- Assorted  , Ring-Spain  ....

L was in the mood to try out prints and hence the purple and white printed kurta. She also wanted to show off her new bag gifted to her by her besties(R&S) and hence the combination with green.

Bag- Gift, Chappals- Hill road, bandra, 
Kurta- Kamaa Creations(from Fashion and You), 
Chudidar- from some random shop

We loved our colorful photo adventure.... hope you all like it too.
(This is a beautiful new location we found and you can expect some more posts in the same location coming up soon.)
Till then

Wednesday, 21 September, 2011


This was a totally unplanned shoot, we finished our lunch fast and got out during lunch. L had her camera in her car ,so we  decided to hunt for a place and get our pics clicked.
As this was spontaneous we are not in themed clothes , we are just wearing normal everyday clothes, but coincidentally both of us ended up wearing red and so we called this day 

When L got out of her house in the morning, it was pouring heavily and hence the black pleated knee length skirt and (her very favourite) gumboots. 
Later in the day it got sunny and L still had to move around in her gumboots and bear with weird stares from people around. To match with the gumboots she chose a peach colour tee.

tee- bossini, skirt- from bangkok, gumboots- imagine, lokhandwala market

R chose the perfect outfit for summers.
She decided to go for a loose shirt and linen pants but mixed it with a little touch of our very own Indian style.

shirt- zara, linen pants- gifted by someone ,
glares- dads old carrera (vintage) ,jootis- milan mall, bag- ahmedabad, ring- spain, kadas- mums

So we have told you all about how we had fun. 
We loved it, hope you all liked it too...

Monday, 19 September, 2011

just another fun day....

This day turned out to be a lota fun!Well as usual untill we left home the weather was all nice and sunnny!But as soon as we left it started pouring.Nonetheless that did not stop us from going around hunting for a location getting clicked .Although we have done a few posts already we are not yet very comfortable shooting outdoors with too many people around. Upto now we have only done morning shoots with very few/no people around.We get conscious if there even a few around,because some of the people are just rowdy and pass cheasy comments.It will take us some time to get used to this.If any of you'll have any suggestions or tips do share them with us! 
                            This is what we wore

R decided to go for a summer look in a flower printed skirt and t shirt.     

Top-Only, Skirt - H&M, Shoes-B'lore, Belt- lokhandwala , Sling bag- Bellivo,Pendant-Random Exhibition, Flower Brooch - Lifestyle

L decided to go all out in her awesome red pants.

                                        Red pants-Allensolly, Shirt-Yessica, Bag-Bangkok, Pendant-Bandra

The shots in the film strip above were shot later in the day along with one of our friends during lunch hours.
It was sooo much fun cause all 3 of us went made taking pictures of each other and giving weird and cute poses.We'll post some of those picture soon!!

untill then