Saturday, 3 September, 2011

Rain,Splash and Colour

Hello everyone!!!
This is our first post and we are dedicating it to A J store. 
Today just happened to be a perfect morning for our first blog shoot.We had a lot of fun shooting in the rains.
Hope you'll have fun looking at the pictures!!

R & L

                  R decided to colour block with electric blue pants and a neon green shirt.



        Shirt-A J Store , Pants - Zara , Bag - H&M, Pendant - A J Store,  Shoes -

             L decided to go vintage with a  high waist skirt and shirt. 

                        Skirt - A J Store, Shirt- vintage , Shoes - Paprika
                  P.S. RED umbrella,as you can see co- owned!


  1. Hey! I really like your Blog!Its amazing 'R' and 'L'.
    Keep up the good work :D


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